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Jukskei Park, South Africa - 26th April 2008

By: MrsC

It is half past two in the morning but I thought I had better let you know what I have been up too as I wil be away for a week...

We had a terrible day today, Fi was taking us and the children to visit a museum. All of the traffic lights were out because of a power failure and it was taking forever to get there. Fi decided to check if the museum was actually opened or if they were also sitting in the dark with no power, so she pulled over to phone. The lady who answered said they had power but you had to have an appointment to visit the museum. Fi said she had never heard of such a silly thing in her life.

We were all very dissapointed so Fi took us to a place where you can ride miniature trains. They were also closed because the trains needed to be worked on. By now Shane had a long face and Natalie was starting to cry, so Fi took us to lunch. As we walked into the shopping center the power went off! Man, can you believe it? Fi bought us some chocolate to cheer us up (it worked of course) and then we went home and had scrambled eggs on toast.

Then in the evening we went to a wine tasting with Fi and her husband, they belong to a wine tasting club even though Fi doesn't drink wine - I keep telling you how odd she is!


Don't worry, I didn't drink any... I couldn't get the cork off!


I was going to sit with the children and play but someone mentioned that they were going to Thailand. Fi tried to get them to take me or Dilbert with them but they said they were too irresponsible. Our hosts for the evening, Matt and Yolanda, said they would take me to the coast with them though! Fi sternly told Matt he was NOT to take me diving with him! No matter what cool photos he could take... so you will once again have to wait till I get back from my trip. I hear the weather has improved down there, it has been cold and raining... what good timing! Chat soon...

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