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Bright Water Commons, South Africa - 24th April 2008

By: MrsC

You know, we either sit around doing nothing all day or it's non stop action. Today was non stop action. Fi is a great believer in 'THE LAST MINUTE', without which she would get nothing done. As a result she is always in a rush and usually late. So this morning we all hopped in the car and the poor children and us had to eat breakfast - in the car.

She took this quick photo of Johannesburg proper which is about 30 km away. It is high up on a hill (hence the name  JohannesBURG (BERG means mountain, how they come up with BURG is not something Fi knows) and RandBURG is high up on his side which is why you can see the one from the other. Pretty cool. By the way, they call traffic lights 'robots' very odd lot, these South Africans!


Luckily she sticks to the speed limit when she drives and we were only 5 minutes late for meeting friends at the Bright Water Commons (formerly the Randburg Water Front - I see what she means about the national obsession for changing place names). First off we played Putt Putt, not just any Putt Putt, but ADVENTURE Putt Putt... That means it is set in a jungle, with lots of water and rickety bridges and you have to climb over rocks and other things that people with nice cameras should not be doing. Here is HitchaRideDooey and I having a rest at one stage...


One day, Natalie is going to be a fantastic hockey player, Not so much a golfer, but she tried. We cheered her on.


Can you spot us sitting at the side? There is one of the rickety bridges not looking even remotely rickety - but believe me, it WAS! And where the one green ends and the other starts is a long drop and you have to climb down rocks, not a stair in sight!


Anyway, the three boys were going so fast and all at the same time so nobody was keeping score and nobody really won. Once the game was finished we went inside to play ten pin bowling.

Dooey and I had an earnest discussion about whether we would be better off with the green ball which was lighter, but might not go as far, or the pink one which was heavier but would be sure to hit a strike...


The green ball won because it was the only one we could actually PUSH to get it rolling... Pushing is not as fast as throwing, by any means.


After a looooooooooooooooong loooooooooooooooong time, it eventually reached the pins.....


Shane is still asking how his four year old sister won the game, she could also hardly lift the ball!

Everyone was starving after all of this activity, breakfast in the car was not a large or sumptuous meal.

We headed over to a popular family restuarant called the Spur. There is one in just about every town in South Africa.

It is a steak and burgers kind of place with an American Indian theme (Typical South African? I think not!)


This was our waitress, she was very friendly and nice. She took us for a little spin in her tray...see how straight she holds it without even trying!


This is the kitchen staff who made our food. The kitchen is open along the one side of the restuarant, don't worry Fi didn't just waltz into the kitchen! Though I wouldn't put it past her...


And the food, we had run off to the play area, that is why we are not in the photo.... Natalie was eating crumbed vegetable fingers, what a weird child...I thought children hated veges? She let me taste a little bit, very nice: all different veges rolled up in mashed potato. One kid had fish fingers, the other had chicken nuggets. Shane had a real beef burger it smelled so good, But I just had my eye on the strawberry milkshake....


We had a quick ride on the carousel - Dooey felt sick and had to get off...I just held on for dear life and went around and around.... and around...forever it seemed... Then it stopped but the children wanted to go again so the man let them go a few more times because it was not busy.


There used to be a large man made lake here with a massive musical fountain. But then they decided to get water wise ... and the neighbours had complained of the smell! It is now just a little water feature with a small fountain. A skating ramp and a flea market have been built where the lake used to be.


Once again we all piled into the car, without breakfast, and headed over to Lara's place to fetch Dooey's buddy Dilbert who had just got back from the Kruger Park.I can't wait to see what animals he saw there...

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