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Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, South Africa - 22nd April 2008

By: MrsC

Today was World Earth Day so we went managed to get out the house and see the Earth at last. Fi took us here:


Fi says it is a national obsession to rename everything...


First we went into the visitor centre. I hope she doesn't leave me on this table I don't want to be a touch and feel exhibition and the size of the giraffe neck bone gives me the creeps...


HitchaRideDooey went as white as a sheet and his eyes bugged out even further, I had no idea why until I turned around. I also got quite a fright. Luckily this was a stuffed eagle and it was behind glass because those talons were pretty scary I tell you.


Fi let me put a few coins in the Black eagle collection box. They have a breeding pair here, the only ones in the whole world that breed in an urban area. They are threatened by urban developement. Maybe we will get to see them a little later if we are lucky.


You know, I have to tell you guys something. Fi has no shame WHATSOEVER! She will walk up to a random stranger, a British tourist,  clearly on a botanical garden safari in his pith helmut, and...and.. POP me on his shoulder for a photo. My cheeks are burning just thinking about it....
And, he was just as potty as she is! Well clearly, he is wearing a pith helmut! But he said he was HONOURED to be featured on ToyVoyager.


Fi was muttering about 'mad dogs and Englishmen out in the midday sun'. How did she know it was midday without looking at her phone? She doesn't wear a watch you know...weird I tell you.


I asked Dooey if he wanted to play a game of "Pooh sticks". He said no way, what if he fell off the bridge...


I was walking along, just minding my own business when I found this strange creature. Then I suddenly noticed HUNDREDS of them. Fi said not to be scared they only eat vegetation. We found a sign that explained what they are. And then we found evidence of what they DO! That is a cabbage tree, well it was till they ate it all...


I decided to check out a few more trees, being a bear I am a very good climber. Being a bear, I was allowed to climb the trees I am sure. The rules apply to people only..


Then we found the waterfall. Natalie cried because she was scared I was going to fall in. It is so sweet how she cares for me. Fi made sure I was no where near the water, don't worry..


Look! Look! Look! Umm...hide me! Hide me! Eeek.....


Pity Fi never brought her bigger lens...

Ooh, these are pretty... No idea what they are!


Fi loves these Aloes and I can see why.

Cycads. Doeey was playing Jurassic Park in these because they come from the dinosaur ages.


Phew, that was fun and educational and TIRING...


The children and I read this while Fi bought us all ice- creams. Then she snuck of to buy postcards - typical Postcrosser! Soon it was time to go home. So off we went.


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