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Roodepoort, Johannesburg - 12th April 2008

By: MrsC


That was me at 5.30 this morning... I was sleeping so nicely in my cosy little bed when all of a sudden KABOOM!!! - I nearly jumped out my fur! The house was shaking from the noise and the room lit up with a brilliant white light and then KABOOM!!! again... I was terrified :o. I looked up at Natalie to see if she was also scared but she was still sound asleep. Maybe she is used to this noise and light that she can sleep so soundly through it... One more big boom and then.... what was that other noise? Machine gun bullets? Oh, rain drops, huge big heavy raindrops. That means all the kabooming was thunder and the brightness was lightning. I didn't realise it at the time but I had just experienced my first Highveld thunderstorm! Believe me it is something you have to experience to understand.... and it is something people who immigrate across the world yearn for, so I am told, as scary as it is; it makes you feel quite alive. Fi tells me she has even been hit by lightning while she was in her kitchen once! And that's why there is no TV (well aside from me! I am a TV too...hee...hee). It got hit by lightning and no one bothered replacing it.

Anyway, the storm was intense but brief, as they always are, and I eventually went back to sleep.

I was invited to a birthday party today! So off we went... the theme of the party was "seaside" and the whole garden was decorated with beach balls and fish and surf boards. The birthday boy, Harvey, who turned three, is English and the English associate Punch and Judy puppet shows with the seaside. So they had a Punch and Judy puppet show. The puppet  master (Um... mistress) was a very, very, very funny lady from the Netherlands. She had me and the children AND the parents rolling around with laughter. THEN as a special treat she let me be part of the show. Look: the naughty doggy was sniffing me all over...


And then! My nerves! He put me in his mouth!!!! Luckily I had lived through a Highveld Thunderstorm and come out a stronger and braver bear and I fought my way out...


The other puppet called John gave the dog a talking too and said that was no way to treat a guest, especially not a foreign one who would tell the whole world what a dangerous place South Africa was. So he said sorry to me and promised not to do it again.


Oh, oh! Now what...I get the feeling I am in trouble again...

Oh my goodness, I am in the jaws of a crocodile!


Phew! It was just a jumping castle...

Exciting news!!!!!!!! Tomorrow Fi is dropping me off with her friend who is travelling somewhere exciting on a medical conference for a week. I don't know if I will be able to sleep again... I'll be going on an airplane!

Oh, we had another storm this afternoon but I was much braver this time. I just watched how everyone calmly pulled all the electrical plugs out and switched off the computers (seriously, there are FIVE computers in this room - what a bunch of nerds! ;)) and carried on as if nothing was happening. Except for that giant dog who whined and cried like a big baby and had to be let inside. What a wimp.

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