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Johannesburg, South Africa - 11th April 2008

By: MrsC

I had such a good sleep last night after all the fun I had...and my tummy was so full, we had cheese omlette for supper and some carrot cake that Fi baked. It was scrumptious, you need to ask her for the recipe because I think I may be addicted to it... I dreamed about it, so moist and tasty...Hmmm!

Anyway, we were up early this morning. It was the children's last day of school and they were excited to go. The little girl, Natalie, asked if I could go too because she was learning the letter P and she needed to bring something that started with P (That would be me, Pinky, in case you don't get it...)

I packed my school bag, and climbed in the car and sang along with the children to the Silly Songs CD they were listening to to pass the time.


Natalie is in the green class, she gave me a ride on her shoulders so I wouldn't get squashed by all the children who were running around WAY too full of fresh energy. She introduced me to Teacher Liesl and told her all about me. I like Teacher Liesl, she has good taste - she said I was gorgeous. :)


Teacher Liesl said I could sit on the "green table" where all the things that started with P were. Pig, pine apple, penguin, paper, paint, plastic bag, pop corn, plastic princess plate, potato, Peter Pan and PINKY!

Natalie went to sit outside on the jungle gym, so I joined her, I didn't feel safe with that pine apple...


Soon all of Natalie's friends came to see what we were up to so I climbed a little higher... but so did they so I had to get off.

A school playground is not a good place for a bear as tiny and tempting as me, no matter how brave and excited I am to be there. I thought I'd drive myself home because Fi listens to old people's radio in the car when the children aren't there...


One day I'll be big enough to reach the steering wheel!

I spent the rest of the day watching Fi rush around like a dervish...We fetched the children from school, but the power was out in the area so traffic was chaotic and we got to school late, so no more photos from there. The children and I are watching a DVD because there is no homework (yay from all around, including Fi!) When it is finished we have a project to do...watch this space....

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