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Johannesburg, South Africa - 10th April 2008

By: MrsC

Wooooooooooohooooooooooooo! Hey Mom, I made it! I'm an adventurous bear in AFRICA! Wait just a second... this IS Africa right? Something feels so, so...German...can't put my paw on it...


Nah, can't be, they all talk funny here... it's English but with a very flat accent. And it's boiling hot, it MUST be Africa.

There are two smallish children in this family, they are very nice,  they were pointing out all sorts of things to me on our car journey. We are going to meet some friends for a play date.

Oh what fun I am having! Whee...down the slide and BUMP! I land on the colourful balls. I've been for a ride on a bike and climbed to the top of the frame.


That was so much fun, but I am a little jet lagged from my long journey. I'll just curl up in this quiet little spot and have a...have a... zzzzzz....


Oh hello! Yes, I did have a nice nap thanks. Have I seen the dome? What dome?


Oh my, THAT Dome! It is enormous! Fi tells me they have Expo's and shows in there, from Elton John and his bling to Jeremy Clarkson and his cars...


Now, I feel like I am on safari. I am up a thorn tree. Don't worry, the thorns are as big as me so they are easy to see and avoid. Oh! You will never believe what I have spotted from up here....


I haven't really decided on my missons yet, so many choices! But I thought if I am going to Africa I want to meet the king of the beasts...a lion! And, look I found one in Fi's garden, just lying there snoozing in the afternoon sun...it is gigantic! How brave and fearless I am...


What do you mean that's a DOG? Really? But she is HUGE! Surely as big as a lion? No? Can I see a real lion then? Please? I can? When? When the children are on holiday? YAY! :p

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