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Neuharlingersiel, Germany - 3rd September 2008

By: Mosuha

After my host met a lot of friends and family members all over Germany ( I tell you, I found this sooooo boring, all this talking talking talking....aaaaaahhhhh), Uli also came by from India and we went to visit Monas parents, who lives at the german north sea coast, in a little town called Wittmund.

Wittmund is just about 15 km away from the sea, so one day we visited a nice little fishing villiage, called Neuharlingersiel and spent some hours at the beach.

Normally you have to be very lucky (or just look up in a plan), if you want to see some water infront of the beach, because this area is very famous for it's so called "Wattenmeer". Every 6 hours the water "comes and goes", the tides... and when there are the ebb-tides you can walk to some of the islands infront of the coast if you have some rubber- boots, because the water is totally goes back several kilometers.

As we went there, there was the flood at it's highest point and we could watch som shrimp-fishing boats coming into the harbour.

It was a chilly and windy day, but it was fantastic.

My host told me, that this kind of rough weather is the most perfect to be at the northsea coast, because after a nice walk on the dykes, the hot chocolate tastes twice as good.


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