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Chennai, India - 2nd July 2008

By: Mosuha

As all of the other tvs are leaving or have allready left, I got a little lonely.... I missed my mommy and my home.....

But now you can't imagine how happy I am.

My host told me, that she will now have much more time for me to show me india and Uli said, I cannot walk around in my pyjama all day, so we will go to a taylor to get some new cloths, indian style... I am so excited!

But the best thing is, that yesterday a new TV arrived, who is totally nice and friendly, his name is Yoki. I am quiet sure, we'll could become very good friends!

So today we went together with Uli to an optic shop, because he needs new sun- and normal glasses and so we helped him with the choice.

To get there, we took a yellow three-wheeler..... I was a little scared, but I tell you, that was fun!


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