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Ede, the Netherlands - 25th February 2008

By: magicwoman

Hi mum
Yesterday Marije take me out for a walk
it was very sunny for the winter
and she showed me some nice places
This is an old factory,it was a factory back in de 60s.Nowaday it is an old building.But it is beautiful,but it is a bit deteriorate.This building is build in 1904,but they gonna demolished it soon

Here o
i'm sitting at a Dutch level crossing.
I'm gonna explain what the sign says
When the train comes you hear a sound and the red light is flashing,then you know that the train is approaching and you have to stop for it,also the barriers are coming down
The sign said,"Please wait until the red light is  out,it is possible that there is approaching another train"

another beautiful building

Waiting at the bus in a Dutch bus stop

A Dutch Mill

unfortunately the picture is a bit shaky
but this was the sign that belongs to the mill
The mills name is "keetmolen"
it is build in 1750

eating a dutch "frikandel"it is a typical Dutch meatroll,with mayonnaise
It was delicious :)

at least I was drinking a nice cup of tea in de local bar

I had a great weekend mummy
I miss you
more updates soon

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