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Ede, The Netherlands - 23rd February 2008

By: magicwoman

Hi mummy
After my long nap yesterday,i'm ready to do things :)
And my host has a visitor this morning,it was her little cousin and she is 3 years old.She really liked me and she said "aaw she is soo cute"
Offcourse she wants to play with me
oh no..she wrapped me with my own sleeping bag...be careful little girl!!

this girl has really fantastic slippers..she had a pair of ladybird  dutch cloggies  to keep her feet warm that was so cute

Wow my host has a real electric guitar :)
I play on it but it was so diffycult to do

the view out of the window,cant wait to go outside

My host has a surprise for me,she bought some typical dutch candy for me called "drop"
The fist one was disgusting,but later on I eat more "dropjes"and then I started to like them,they are very sweet and a bit bitter
You should try them to mummy

So this was my first morning here in Holland
more pictures soon mummy
bye bye

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