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Avebury, Wiltshire - 12th February 2008

By: Steve & Helly

I was so excited this morning, I bounced on the front seat of the car all the way to Avebury.

The first place I visited was The Red Lion Pub.

The most famous ghost here is Florrie. Her jealous husband found her in bed with another man and dropped her down a well. Customers and staff have seen her, including many times in the ladies toilet. She is always dressed in black. A previous land lady reported that Florrie threw salt and pepper over tables and chairs.

One visitor to the pub witnessed a spinning chandeler with a  bearded man sat underneath it and ghostly horse drawn carriages have been seen pulling up outside the 16th Century pub.

Recently a photographer took a photo and caught a reflection in a mirror of a bald, pale faced man with streaks of blood on him. This may be the man who was murdered after hiding peasants in the cellar and then double crossing them.

Finally . . . wow, what a lot of ghosts! Some famous investigators visited the pub for a TV programme. They felt the presence of a child or children in one of the bedrooms and the presenter ran from the same room when she felt her hair being touched!

I managed to get well and truely spooked and it was daylight. I think I'd like to visit after dark . . . or maybe not!

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