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Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 15th January 2008

By: sararingham

Hello! My name is Sully Monster. Most of you would know me from the famous movie Monsters Inc. I've retired now from making children laugh and I decided it was about time to see the world. My mom tells me I'll be traveling to Michigan and it'll be very cold but I'll get to hopefully see some awesome ice sculptures.

I hope to travel around the United States a bit and see some haunted areas and maybe even see Los Angeles and the Hollywood Walk of Fame! We can only hope, we can see where mom will send me! I have a few brothers that are going out into the wild too very soon. One of my brothers Jimbo Elephant had his first stop over in Hawaii today! How exciting. My brother Shaggy Bear is on his way tomorrow to Germany to be with anni. I'll be off tomorrow too, there's a lot of kisses and goodbyes, but I know my mom will keep me safe. :-)

That's a picture of me, but of course I'm going to love my photo taken anywhere I go and I hope my hosts will take lots of photos of me and update my blog heaps since I can't do it myself sadly! I wish I could though...

...and here's a picture with me and Shaggy Bear aren't we cute together?

Well I'm off! My dad is making me some kind of t-shirt or sash or something, he says it'll be a little bag I'm excited anyways! :-)

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