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Greven, Germany - 9th February 2008

By: Mizzery

Hello mommy!

Today I arrived in Germany! The trip was good but it was a bit uncomfortable in the envelope! But don't worry, I'm fine!


The first one I met here in Germany (after my host of course) was Auggie, another toyvoyager! He's a really nice little Alien and we became friends immediately!

Auggie showed me the whole apartment and the places he likes most here.



Unfortunately, the cats here weren't that happy with our choice for a place to rest.


So Auggie and I continued our tour through the apartment. We were a little scared by the decoration of the living room and wanted to hide but our host, Mizzery explained that their's no reason to be frightened as the swords on the wall are just part of their equipment for their historial reenactment group.


And then it was already time to start our trip to the Netherlands. We were very excited to be in two different countries on one day!

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