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Untergrombach, Germany - 29th January 2008

By: fam-united

After Petra came home from school, she asked us, whether we would like to go and see the nice view from top of the small hill called Michaelsberg, which belongs to Untergrombach, a suburb of Bruchsal. Petra told me, that the Michaelsberg is an archaelogical site, which is famous for its culture, called "Michaelsberg culture". 3500 B.C. there was a settlement on top of the hill. I wanted to dig at once, but she told me, that you only can see something of the trenchs and walls. So I asked: "Where can I see something of it?" and she told me, that she will try to find time to go in the intrance part of the restaurant, that is on top of that small hill, because there are some reconstructed things.

The weather was foggy, so of course I couldn't see the Palatine mountains and very far into the Rhine valley. But at least I saw a part of Bruchsal in the far.

The quarry pond belongs to Untergrombach. Petra liked to swim there, when she was younger.

It was getting dark rather quickly.

This is the nice chapel called "Michaelskapelle".

It was rather cold there and windy. So we hurried to go back to the car. We took the last photo, while sitting in the car. It is a view to another suburb of Bruchsal, Obergrombach. And you see the Kraichgau hill country. I saw it much better than you do on this photo. It was just too dark already.

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