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Bruchsal, Germany - 18th January 2008

By: fam-united

I had been in this envelope for a long time and so I had been happy, when I heard, that my host wanted to take us with her on a walk to some special places in Bruchsal.

Bruchsal is a small city with about 27 000 inhabitants, with suburbs about 42 000. It was first named in 976 A.D.

The first place we visited was the Belvedere, which was a former hunting lodge. Now it is a place for summer outside theatre and summer feasts.

Next to the Belvedere is a lovely small park with beautiful trees. The grammar school, that is close by too, uses this park as playground.

This fountain is in the middle of the park.

When you walk out of the park, you have a wonderful view over Bruchsal. Of course we haven't had that wonderful weather.
From left to right you see the towers of the former castle called Bergfried, the tower of the city church "Unsere Liebe Frau" and of the Lutherkirche. The flat roof belongs to the new part of the older peoples' house.

On this photo you see the baroque church St.Peter and the house Sancta Maria, which are both close to the house, where I'm staying right now.

The house next to us with the flat roof and the white big house in the far is the older people's house. The grey house in the far on the left side is a private grammar school called St.Paulusheim.

Then we went to the palace of Bruchsal. It was completely destroyed during the second world war but rebuilt in the 70th.
Here you see a view to the gate Damianstor.

When you just turn around on the place you can see the mainbuilding of the palace on the right side. The left part is the church St. Damian and Hugo, where my hosts are going to service on Sundays. Behind the church you see the tower of the church.

This is the county court of Bruchsal.

Again turning around on the place you see the entrance to the mainbuilding.

We went into the church and I saw the nice crib. I had no luck with my photo, so I hope, we will go there again soon.

In the church you can see some photos of the palace and church before and right after the war. The church was beautiful inside, but now it is only painted in white. Of course the costs would have been much too expensive to make everything as it had been before the war.

Here you see a photo of the palace area.

When we came out of the church, we looked back to the county court on the right and the Damianstor on the left side. Next to the Damianstor you maybe see a red thick tower, this it the tower of the jailhouse.

The  building in my back is the backside of the church. And you see the tower of the church, too.

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