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Vancouver, Canada - 3rd April 2008

By: AbbyB

Today I went to work with Abby's mom again, and she took me to see a little bit more of Vancouver.  Today we saw Gastown and the waterfront.

This is the steam clock, the only steam-powered clock in thw world.  It's a big tourist attraction.  It chimes every fifteen minutes and emits a ton of steam, but you can't really see it in photos and this picture wasn't taken while it was chiming.

This is the only picture Abby's mom took of me of Gastown.  You can't really tell, but it's a very historical, picturesque place.

Gastown also has a lot of tourist shops.  In front of one shop were these fine Canadians:


This is a convention centre being built in time for the Olympics.

A view of the mountains across Burrard Inlet.

This place is called Canada Place and it's right on the water.  At night the sails are lit up by coloured lights.  Inside are many large rooms that are used for conventions and proms and similar things.  On the other side of Canada Place there is a 3-D theatre.

Vancouver shipyards

Abby's mom takes the train home from work, just like Abby does from school.  This station is called Waterfront Station and it has been around for quite a long time.  Trains are not the only type of public transportation that uses the building anymore; buses, the Skytrain and the Seabus also depart from Waterfront Station.

Inside the main hall

Before we left today, Abby's mom gave me a souvenier to remember my trip to Chinatown.

It's a small replica of a Chinese gold ingot.  They are generally given out on Chinese New Year and are believed to be lucky.  Abby said that it will bring me luck during my travels.  It fits nicely in my back pocket :]

Abby says that I'm leaving soon for my next host.  I'm very eager to see more of the world.  She would also like to apologize for any spelling errors she made while helping me type this up.  She sprained a finger during her rugby game today.

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