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Port Moody Secondary, Canada - 27th March 2008

By: AbbyB

Today I got to go to school with Abby again and see her other two classes.

In her biology class they are learning about evolution.  While Abby was taking notes she gave me this package on punctuated equilibrium to read.

During lunch Abby bought me a cookie.  It was very good :]

We read 24 Hours, a local, free, daily newspaper.

During math, it started snowing.  It only snowed for ten minutes and it didn't stick so there was nothing for me to play in when we were dissmissed from class.

Then, I helped Abby with her calculus homework.

I wrote you a note, Mom, on Abby's graphing calculator!

I couldn't watch rugby practice again because the weather was even worse and it was really cold and windy out, but Abby told me that she has a game next Tuesday and I'll probably get to watch that.  I'm so excited :]

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