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Escondido, Ca, USA - 6th February 2008

By: redchick623

Hi mom!

I arrived at Alainaís house last night!!! Wow what a trip that was Ö the mailman was a little rough with me. I am here safe though.  :rolleyes:

I havenít really done much today Ö just been sitting around hanging out with Alainaís collection of frogs. Alaina has been keeping me on her dresser so I stay safe from her dog Kelly (Kelly might mistaken me for one of her toys). I was pretty freaked out earlier Ö Kelly was eyeing me all day long while Alaina was at school. But donít worry I will be okay.  :(

So I am pretty excited. Tomorrow, Amy, Alainaís roommate, is going to take me to work with her. She works as an animal trainer for the San Diego Wild Animal Park!!! Amy said she would let me ride on a camelís back!!!! I am so excited. On Saturday Alaina was going to take me back there and take me to see real live elephants!!! I have always wanted to see real ones!  :p

Anyhow, just wanted to let you know that I was safe and that I am looking forward to having fun here is San Diego with Alaina!!! I miss you!  :D

PS Alaina took some pics of me earlier, but photobucket is down right now and she doesnt know how to resize pictures to make them smaller ... so she said she would post them later (Maybe you can give her a hint on a free program that is easy to learn and use)

edit ... pics as promised =)

I'm here!

me, kelly and amy

me hanging with my new frog friends


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