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Hawaii, USA - 17th January 2008

By: acaciakoa

Hi Mom,

I arrived at Poong's house on Monday at around 4 PM and I'm safe don't worry about me. :D

Koa is very nice to me.  He loves me so much.  He keeps talking to me, asking me how it was back in Australia.

Poong is very busy these days she has to clean up the house and make sure everything is nice and ready for her friends.  They will be visiting her on Tuesday.  So I'm glad I will get to meet them.  B) 

I went to do errands with her on Wednesday into town.  The town is called Hilo, very nice and mellow.  People here are very friendly and laid back.  Ponng said it's the opposite of New York. 

Hawaii is such a paradise.  Look mom, very tropical. I love it here.

We have to get Koa to school so here I was in the car with Koa.

Then we went to Hilo, shopping.  They have farmers market on Wednesday.  We parked here in front of this shop.

Then we go to the library.  Look !! it's me in front of the building hehe. 

I was looking at the book and help Poong decide which ones to get for Koa.

They still have Christmas theme decoration inside.  I love it.  So cute. 

There is very warm, breezy area with a little garden inside.  I was sitting here chillin. 

After this we went to have lunch and then pick Koa up from school.  Then we went home.  Poong made me a pasta dish - so yummy.  Then I watched TV with Koa.  I get along so well with him and I'm glad I have someone to play with.  No long after that it was time for bed and Koa had to go to sleep because he had to go to school the next day.  So I think it would be a good idea if I do that too.  I have a lot of things to do too. :)  Poong writes a lot of postcards and I think I'll help her pick some cards to send for people (for tags and swaps).  She said don't worry she will take a good care of me and she really is doing that.  I'm so glad I get to be her in Hawaii.  I better go for now, Mom.  I will say hi again whenever I can.  I miss you and I love you. xoxo


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tropical fun.jpg
on the way to school.jpg
hilo town.jpg
hilo library.jpg
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little garden.jpg

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