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Grand Junction, Colorado, USA - 31st March 2008

By: wourpet

Today I arrived in Grand Junction Colorado with my buddy Frogger who came with me from Las Vegas.

It was a pleasant trip and didn't take very long at all.  It was nice having company for the journey.


After we arrived I decided this might be some type of TV hostel We met Coney, he's just back from Iraq and is supposed to be in Ft Bragg but he missed his plane. He's a soldier in the US Army. Lucky-Ducky lives here but he has been visiting a host in Porvoo Finland for the past 8 months and just arrived home.  Candy Cotton is also from Australia and was missing but was recently recovered and will visit here for awhile before being re-united with her mentor.  Mittens was also lost but is also back traveling and lives in Florida.  She doesn't have a travel plan yet and will visit here while wourpet tries to contact her owner.  I am here for my first stop on the USA TV Trail.  I think it should be fun with such a big group. 


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