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The Hage, Holland - 13th January 2008

By: panienka

Hello Mom!

I'm back in The Hague again! And I've got loads of photo's!
First of all, the photo's of my first days in The Hague. We went for a smoothie and for a stroopwafel (in my notebook I'll let my host explain what that is).


During New Year's Eve it was too foggy to see any fire works so whe stayed at home.

But at 12 I really wanted to send you a message but the server was too busy!


Later that week we went to the beach but my host didn't upload the photo's yet. She's lost the cable. But anyway, I've got already some photo's for you from the holiday in the French Alps. I only have one photo with snow. It was way too cold to go outside every day. So I guarded the apartment and they've made me some really, really nice pictures from inside the apartment!

We were fully packed, waiting for the bus at the station!

this is how the view from the apartment looked like! It was really, really cool!

I even learned to play cards! And we went for a hot chocolate!

Well, as you can see I've really enjoyed it all!
Now my host will take me to some more (famous) places here in The Hague and when my notebook is finished, I am ready to move on! :)

You'll hear from me soon!

I love you!

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