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Greven, Germany - 20th February 2008

By: Mizzery

Today it kept on raining and we thought about what to do...

We decided to draw a few paintings. I can say some of the Toyvoyagers are really talented! As took them a few hours to finish the paintings but with a little teamwork they achieved it. I think they can be really proud!


Then I decided to teach Auggie and the others a little German.
And with the help of the dictionarys they learn a few sentences.


I'm on holidays in Germany - Ich mache Urlaub in Deutschland
I'm a Toyvoyager - Ich bin ein Toyvoyager
I travel around the whole world - Ich reise um die ganze Welt

But to study the whole day is to boring and Auggie wanted to listen to some German music to see how much he can understand.


In the evening we wanted to watch a DVD but it was really hard to get them to decide on ONE movie. Unfortunately I don't have a movie with aliens, dogs, marmots and bears all in one...


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