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Colorado Monument, USA - 23rd March 2008

By: wourpet

Today we went to the Colorado Monument.  It is Easter and it is Coneys birthday.  Tomorrow Coney will fly back to the Army base at Ft Bragg, North Carolina and I will soon be going back to Miami.

Coney and me and Lucky-Ducky had a good time on the Monument today.  We were'nt AT the Monument, we were ON the Monument.  We were only on part of it though because wourpet says it is about 23 miles long and lots of up and down and winding roads.

We drove through lots of tunnels on our way up and down the mountains

We could really see lots of the valley from up here.


We drove up a very crooked winding road -- you can see it from here.


Here is a cool rock called 'Balanced Rock'  I hope it stays balanced.


When we came back down we drove out to the desert.


This is the high desert -- or an 'Alpine Desert'  it has lots of red rock, sand, sagebrush and cactii.

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