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Visit Russia and maybe meet with the group t.A.T.u.:)

Travel to Madrid and relax in the park Retiro

Visit Australia and/or New Zealand

See as many famous monuments as possible

Sunbathing on some nice beaches

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Pau, France - 17th August 2007

By: Mistigree

Today we went to Pau, a little town, near Mistigree's parents' village.
Here again, I found something to incite people to be more responsible for their dogs... It is a bag dispenser for... er.. you guess what !!!

I visited a park called "parc Beaumont"... Oh it is not Park Retiro !!! It is very small and sober, but quite nice even so !

I heard a frog diving into the water when I approached the nenuphars but I couldn't see her !!

This waterfall was very tempting, but as we were going to visit a castle later, I did not dive, I needed to be presentable !

Look at this bandstand !! Unfortunately there were no orchestra playing !!

And this is the Casino !! It is also a concert room and long long years ago, Mistigree went to see the Communards here !! (do you remember ?? Jimmy Sommerville !)

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