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Toulouse, France - 10th August 2007

By: Mistigree

Unfortunately, this view is not the one from Mistigree's balcony, but a view from a restaurant's terrace in the town centre.
You will easily understand why Toulouse is known as "la ville rose" (the pink town)... look at the roofs and the walls of bricks !!

There seem to be nice churches here, we'll see some of them later, that's what Mistigree told me.

For the moment, we went to visit Place du Capitole. It is the main place of Toulouse. Look at the sign, it is written in French and in Occitan (which is a kind of old local French).

On one side, there are many archways with nice café under them. On the other side, this big monument is the townhall, that is called "Le Capitole".

Here is the courtyard... from the outside and from the window (Thus, I could better look at the architecture !!)
http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1093/1093836135_20e3804e8e.jpg?v=0 http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1254/1093835947_308a3bf335.jpg?v=0

We can not visit all the rooms in the Capitole (I guess some of them are offices), but the ones we can visit are just beautiful. They contain many paintings and statues. A woman surprised to see Mistigree taking a picture of me told her that she had a nice little dog !!! So Mistigree explained her that I was a ToyVoyager !! The woman was amused (and I was proud cause she said I was nice !!)
http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1224/1093836119_0724a26e65.jpg?v=0 http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1046/1093835383_b4a7a9b001.jpg?v=0

Here you can see Marianne. She's the symbol of the French Republic and represents Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood.

And here, just behind me, the French flag together with the Occitan one (this one represents the region).

Just behind the townhall, is "Le Donjon du Capitole". This building contains the tourist office, but we didn't enter because I had a local guide with me as Mistigree !!

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