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Hill behind the house, Nürtingen, Germany - 25th May 2014

By: Gallifrey

Today I went on a short walk up the hill behind my house. It was very steep and I first had to relax on a bench before I could take some pictures. The additional pounds I had yesterday during weighing are deifnitely gone now. I had a wondeful view over my village on top of the hill. It was very sunny and hot. We had a clear sky and could see all the way to the next bigger city. My mum showed me the castle ruin called "Hohenneuffen", which is only a few minutes away.  I took a photo with it. I'm now pretrty exhausted and need to rest and eat. I'll update my Travellog later.

IMG_1322 Bearbeitet 1.jpg
IMG_1233 bearbeitet 2.jpg
IMG_1225 bearbeitet 3.jpg
IMG_1227 Bearbeitet 4.jpg
IMG_1324 Bearbeitet 5.jpg
IMG_1327 Bearbeitet 6.jpg
IMG_1232 Bearbeitet 7.jpg
IMG_1235 Bearbeitet 8.jpg

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