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to pass the KOEHLBRANDbruecke in hamburg!!

to meet a GIANT playmo!!!

to have a pic with a human wearing the same hat!!!

to visit any toy museum!!!

to enter a light tower at the seaside!!

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Yusefabad, Iran - 1st May 2020

By: ipuenktchen

hi, dear buddies, follower, friends etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we are so sorry, it had been a long time without any posting.. there was a misunderstanding about the opening of the toyvoyager site . so sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy..

we passed again another great day in our garden, and believe it, what a special day it has been?????????? ipue's son2 and his lovely wife came to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ipue has made a Russian Zupfkuchen with a matching decoration, and weeeeeeeeeeeeee, puenktchen & anton had the main role!!!! she decorated the cake with a family scenery, mom and dad with two kids, and their hens had been there, too, and mom had recently the laundry!! soooooooooo beautiful, isn't it?????

their gift is worth to mention, too!!!!!!!! ipue had been busy the last weeks to made finally the danish embroidery of kia & viona's birthday infos!!! on the pic you can see when they explain it to their kiddies. ipue made one in olden times for her own kids adrian and yasha, too!!!!!!!!!!! we will show it to you, pls be patient. thxxxxxx


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