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to pass the KOEHLBRANDbruecke in hamburg!!

to meet a GIANT playmo!!!

to have a pic with a human wearing the same hat!!!

to visit any toy museum!!!

to enter a light tower at the seaside!!

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TEHRAN, IRAN - 23rd February 2016

By: ipuenktchen

.................in  T E H R A N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
as we left tabriz at midnight by bus and arrived at 6.30 about 50 km before tehran, and so muuuuuch traffic.. everybody going to work.. that we arrived 3 hrs later at home - home of ipue's elder son..!!!!!!

now we understood we got invited at the residence of the german ambassador, the annual valentine's invitation by his wife!!!!!!!!!!!!
nice meeting with this nice lady and all the other germans married to IR....

later a former schoolmate of ipue was so courageous to enter the tehran traffic with her car and a map, to find the famous confectionnery in western tehran where ipue would buy some cheese cakes to take with her for several events in tabriz!!!!!!!

:o ;) :p

and again at midnight we left tehran for.............................??????


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