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to pass the KOEHLBRANDbruecke in hamburg!!

to meet a GIANT playmo!!!

to have a pic with a human wearing the same hat!!!

to visit any toy museum!!!

to enter a light tower at the seaside!!

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Meshkin - Mt. Sabalan, Iran - 20th August 2015

By: ipuenktchen

hellooooooooooo worllllllllllllllld!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
today it was a great day for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we returned from boring years in the cellar of ipuenktchen's home back into the world!!!

ipue has some guests who will enter Mt. Sabalan, and as Possy & Crossy are absent, she had chosen us, Puenktchen & Anton, to escort them!!!!

what a great adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so ipue-mom waked us up in the very early morning and we took our backpack and went to the meeting point where two jeeps were waiting for us to go for the 3rd highest mountain in IR, the extincted volcano called sabalan, 4.811 m high, near ardabil!!!!

we had been a group of 8... and it was a hard job!!! we went by car to meshkin and started for hiking!! 5 h untill we reached the eastern mountain shelter at 3.500 m. what a crowd!!!!??!?! we hardly found a sleeping place in a new built house, still not ready.. slept very early at 8 PM to get up as early as possible at 3 AM and started to climb on the mountain!!!!!!!!!!! we reached it a 10 AM!!!!!!!!!!!! what a feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!?! we got so happy although one of our mountaineer buddies couldn't support anymore and went back forward to the shelter at only 4.300 m, after taking pics of a very beautiful sunrising.....

the group of now only 7 mountaineer and 5 traveltoys (lili's sweet little red heart was coming with yashila_81) had a break at the peak, beside the lake, 50 m diameters and 15 m deep, took some photos beside the lake, and later went back to the shelter, arrived at 5 PM, and now we all took the car to get back via meshkin to tabriz, arrived at 9 PM - enormous tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but soooo proud and happy to be successfull!!!!

(c) of the sabalan pics belongs to karfor, ankbod, yashila_81)


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