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Tabriz, Iran - 20th March 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hi, dear master papa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
today I MUST write to you, coz the Iranian Year is changing vom 1395 to 1396, believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to all our dearest friends, buddies, follwers......

today at 1 PM 58 min 37 sec the new IR year 1396 started....
and up from now we had the celebrations of NOROUZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
during our visites and sightseeing we saw so many different haftsins everywhere!!!! here I show you ipue's haftsin with the blue tablecloth!!!!!!!!!!!

haftsin is a custom of a table with 7 items all beginning with a 's'!
and all families in the moment of changing the year are sitting around.

the norouz-session is 13 days holidays, and at the end the 13th day is a special one, you will see it, pls be patient!!!!!!!!!!!!



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