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Tabriz, Iran - 6th April 2016

By: ipuenktchen

hi, dearest master papa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
today it had been the great moment, I entered IR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was boring about 3 weeks in the envi, but today we got thrilled to get free, possy & crossy to have their mom ipue back and all the other great buddies at home, and me, to see ipuenktchen for my very first time, and I think I will be comfortable at their's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! believe it, ipue got tears in her eyes to see Possy & Crossy in a good condition, and the same to them, got all their friends around them and even some new ones!!!!

ipu told us, to say THXXXXXXXXXXXXX A MILLION to dearest  ***papa_always*** for all her efforts and so many new countries and last but not least the GREAT WALL, one of P&C's life mission, and finally so many gifts!!!!!!!!
Possy & Crossy are so thankfull, and so is ipuenktchen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and I have to pass a huge thankyou also so EMJAY from delft, from there P&C had been sent to china!!! she even prepared two sleeping bags for them, and so they arrived today at home!!!!!!!!

all the traveltoys gave me a warm welcome, and so did ipue, and everybody enjoy to host me in IRAN!!! lucky guy I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now, dear master papa, I promise to give you very often my messages and pics so you don't have to get sad about my absence!!!

and now we have to go to sleep, byyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

btw tabriz is the 3rd largest city from IR, an industrial city with about 2 mill. inhabitants in NW of IR, about 300 km far from the turkish border. in IR they are speaking farsi, but here in tab they have Azeri as their mother-tongue and farsi at school, the official language.


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