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To eat real Swiss or Dutch cheese in the country of origin, m-m-m, yummy:)

To become friends with a cat

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To send at least 5 postcards from different countries - 3/5

Last, but not least: to visit Cologne (Germany), and especially Behringstrasse and its surrounding

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Bow Peak, Canada - 1st August 2015

By: smaug

Hi Galiya apa,

today, at last, we headed back to mountains again :). The drive was a bit long so we decided not to disturb smaug and took a couple of hours long nap ;). When we woke up, we found ourselves facing the first challenge of the day, wading across the Bow River at the outlet of Bow Lake :stare:. The water seemed way too deep and fast for little TVs so we decided to let smaug get wet up to his knees and retired inside the backpack :rolleyes:. The fact that all our flying friends opted to use their wings instead was a bit concerning, but somehow we made it to the other side ;).


And the view of the lake was really nice :).


Later we reached the lovely Crowfoot pass...


...where sammino told us that real TVs are not satisfied with just reaching a pass, so we were heading for the summit of Bow Peak up there :stare:.


With a little effort, we reached the summit safely, and the view was spectacular :D. We could see Bow Lake,...


...the valley heading up Mosquito Creek,...


...Mt Hector,...


...Hector Lake...


...and the glaciers along the continental divide.


On the way down we took a look from above to the lovely meadows of Crowfoot Pass :).


What a day :D!

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