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on the way to Nienburg (Weser), Germany - 9th July 2013

By: -[Dino]-

Good morning! *yawn*

Today we had to get up very early. Mummy's aunt picked us up just after 8 a.m. to go to Nienburg.

We went through the wet land around the river Weser this time.

Can you see the towers of the power station?


Last time we went around from this side and saw it up close.

This time we could see the gravel pit in Landesbergen.



In this region there are many places where gravel is produced and many small lakes resulted from this around here.

We also crossed the river Weser:


Our destination was the hospital in Nienburg. Mummy had to talk to the doctors because she has been sick since October last year. I stayed in the car to stay safely out of everything.

Here you can see part of the main building:


It's a really big building complex. Mummy said it's a little like a labyrinth inside, but she also said she knows her way around by now.

Talk to you soon from my next (big) adventure.

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