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Anchorage, Alaska, USA - 9th October 2013

By: AbbeyV

Today was my birthday!  Very exciting!  I was born!  This is the best!  So, today I went to school with mom in her cool blue backpack.  I was riding in her pocket, but then I jumped to freedom and I nearly got lost!  But a nice stranger brought me back to mom.  Whew.  That was close!

Today was anatomy day, so I studied the anatomy of a cat.  Kind of an odd thing to study. Then we went to the craft store and mom and I looked at cross-stitch magazines. They were interesting, but without thumbs and lengthy arms, I don't really think it's a hobby for me.

Then I came home and read on the iPad a little bit.  I'm reading "The Reason I Jump."  It's a very good book.

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