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Kiel, Germany - 4th October 2013

By: Aluh

Hey!  :)

Mom bought some new slippers... I like them very much. I think when you have a look at the picture you will know why!  :D Cute owls on them. But not as cute as I am.  ;) Don't think I'm selfish.. Mommy does say so!


Then I decided to fly around a bit. Mom opened the window and I had a look at the tree in front of our flat. It's getting more and more yellow....

Mommy's boyfriend is writing his thesis in chemistry at the moment. I wanted to know a bit more about what he's doing, I looked at what he wrote, but I understood...nothing :thinking: But that's no problem... I'm a beginner and so mommy told me I could start learning the Periodic Table of the Elements.

Next week I will start my journey. I am sooo exited!

Take care!

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