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Wrist, Germany - 3rd October 2013

By: Aluh

Hey  :)

The last days we visited my mommy's mom.

We had to drive on the motorway some time. I like driving! It was fun.
I liked all the lights...

On Friday evening mommy and I watched Supernatural. It was sometimes scary but sometimes it was really lots of fun, too! I was happy that I wasn't sleeping alone though...

On Sunday I enjoyed mommy's mom's balcony! It was chilly but sunny outside. I sat there some time. I could see other birds and we chatted a little.

The girlfriend of mommy's brother baked a delicious smelling cake! A cheesecake with raspberry topping. But unfortunately I wasn't allowed to taste it  :( She made it for her colleagues.

That's it for now, take care!  :)

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