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Paderborn, Germany - 2nd May 2013

By: mcdaniels

Dear mummy,
today morning we went into hostmum's garden and visited the sheep and their lambs in the pasture. Hostmum said the sheep came originally from the Cameroons.
Then we escorted hostmum to work by bike: 8 kilometres to the old people's home she works as a social worker and 8 kilometres back. We listened to 3 nightingales (why are they called 'nightingales' though they sing in the middle of the day?) and saw that the rape starts blooming.
Unfortunately hostmum sat in her office almost the whole afternoon writing and writing...but Haribaer, Twixx and me were allowed to write something as well. Look what I wrote for you  :D
On the way back we saw some nice black and white lambs. And on the last picture you can see Neuenbeken, hostmum's homevillage that belongs to Paderborn.
Best wishes, mummy,
yours Profen

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