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to find a playmo-backpack for them, perhaps from a fleamarket!

to see lady liberty NY from as nearby as possible!

to walk on the great wall in china!

to meet another playmo-traveltoys and have a pic in their blog!

to climb on a high mountain!

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Yussufabad, Iran - 2nd April 2010

By: ipuenktchen

SIZDAH be dar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the very much beloved holiday, end of norouz-holidays - in ipue's family it's common to go to their garden together with many of their friends and sometimes also siblings, when everybody all over IR is going out - to bring out their sabze from haftsin, the table of norouz, and to make picnic in a nice spring atmospher!!! (me, POSSY, and ipue were going by taxi, because we were going later than the others!)

aaaaaaaaaaand it was the great moment, our temporarly separation was FINISHED!!! POSSY & CROSSY, each of them from another direction back from their holidays meeting each other at *sizdah be dar* in mr. ipue's garden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was sooo romantic, guys!!!!!!

and up from tomorrow holidays are finished for everybody - back at work, school, universities!!!  :D


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