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to find a playmo-backpack for them, perhaps from a fleamarket!

to see lady liberty NY from as nearby as possible!

to walk on the great wall in china!

to meet another playmo-traveltoys and have a pic in their blog!

to climb on a high mountain!

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TABRIZ, IRAN - 8th March 2013

By: ipuenktchen

hi, my dear female buddies, friends and collegues!!
my very, very best congrats and all my best wishes for the *International Women's Day*!!!!!!!!

and btw... woman's life is really hard... sometimes...........
today we lived only in the kitchen.. ipue & me... poor gals!!!!!  :cyclops:
btw I got so astonished about their large pots!!!!!

and in the eve we had our guests and it was so funny and great!!!
everybody enjoyed the dishes, me, POSSY, and ipue prepared during these 2 days!! and lili brought a huge surprise - instead of salad she found a woman, making really artworks by vegetables and it looked so nice!!!!

we had for dinner as a hors d'oeuvre a puff pastry with chicken and mushrooms etc.., then a tomato-celery soop, then rice with white cabbage & meat, and the vegetable plate and a rice-flour-dessert done by dear lili!! yummyyyyyyy!!!

the apple cake we made yesterday you had still seen, and our friends, each of them, made also cake and sweets - pls look at the plate - boaaaah!!! again yummyyyyy!!!


and when leaving everybody gave good wishes to yasha & lili for their trip to europe! and - BELIEVE IT!!!
it seeeeeeeeems we are going with them, to pass us to another host-mum!!!!!??!?!?!?? we got really confused when ipue told us!! - so let's hurry up to make our suit-cases!!!!!! ey gosh........

:o :o :o


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