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to find a playmo-backpack for them, perhaps from a fleamarket!

to see lady liberty NY from as nearby as possible!

to walk on the great wall in china!

to meet another playmo-traveltoys and have a pic in their blog!

to climb on a high mountain!

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TABRIZ, Iran - 20th March 2010

By: ipuenktchen

this is the moment of a temporary separation -
CROSSY will go together with a friend of ipue MARYNKZ to BAKU, rep. azerbaijan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and me, POSSY, will go together with IPUENKTCHEN on their holday trip to north of IR to the caspian sea side!

and last but not least PAUL THE BACKPACKER is gone together with
MISSLONDON on their holiday trip to south-east of IR!! so we'll have a lot of news during this holiday season in IRAN, and hopefully after being back one day we can meet each other all together!!!?!?!? it will  be so great!!

so each of us will enter to another NOROUZ!!!!! ;-)


POSSY is entering the NEW YEAR at ipuenktchen's:

20th march 2010 = 29th esfand 1388
9 o'clock PM, 02 min, 13 sec
- it's *N*E*W***Y*E*A*R*!!!!!!

ســــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــال نـــــــــــو مبارك

here you can see ipue's *haft-sin*!!!!
pls have a look and learn about:

the new year is only 3 hours old, POSSY was going by bus together with ipue to tehran! here you can see the packed lunch we got in the bus!

and as usual I thank KOBRA a lot for the beautiful collage she had done for ipue!!

new year.jpg
by bus.jpg

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