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In the garden, England - 1st June 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello mum!

Today I went outside with Freya to look at some of the things hostmum is growing in her garden.

I came to this fig tree and sat amongst the leaves. It is not growing any figs at the moment though. Hostmum is not sure if it will grow any at all this year.

Next I came across a blackberry bush with no thorns. It is odd because all of the ones in the forest have thorns. Hostmum told me that it is a special cultivated breed and that it is preparing to grow fruits soon with these pretty white flowers.

Here I climbed a tree to get a closer look at some sloe berries growing up high. These turn dark blue and hostmum picks them before they fall into her pond. She makes things out of them like jam...or gin. ;)

Upon a blackcurrant bush there were lots of green berries waiting to be ripe. They taste wonderful and hostmum gives them to a friend who turns them into delicious jam. It is good on toast apparently but hostmum wont let me try any. She says I might get sticky.

Next to the blackcurrants are a few raspberries. They are flowering and there will soon be raspberries to pick and put into ice cream or cakes.

On the ground there is a little strawberry patch with plenty of almost ripe strawberries. Freya tried to wear one on her head and I laughed lots. In fact, I laughed so much that I fell over backwards into the patch of strawberries. This made Freya laugh.

I came to a rhubarb plant, easily recognisable by its pink stems. It is very nice when boiled and I went down to look at the stems. When hostmum showed me the photo, I thought it looked like the plant was eating me! Do you see it too mum?

In an old wheelbarrow are some big potatoes growing well. The plant is very big and hostmum is hoping that the potatoes will be too. She won't have to wait long to find out, they are almost ready to dig up.

High up in the neighbours plum tree which overhangs into hostmums garden are many green plums. They will soon turn red and ripen. The bird like to eat these... but so do the wasps.

Hostmum is growing lots of tasty things in her garden and I hope she will share some with me when they are ripe!

Little.T.B. :p


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