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Playmobil Zoo, England - 12th May 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi mummy.

Hostmum had a small guest visiting her today and she went to get out some of her old toys. She set them all up in her spare room and then I went to take a look. There were so many! I did not expect a whole room to be filled up with toys! It was fabulous.

Before the small guest arrived, Freya and I took a visit to the Playmobil zoo. I went to visit the lions but found they were attacking some visitors!  :o I was shocked and jumped in to save the day. (I'm such a brave hero) I rescued all of the people and they thanked me.

From a distance I could see an awesome looking island. I went to walk over to it but a man in a boat stopped me. Apparently there was a really deep river there and I had to take the boat across. It just looked like carpet to me but I climbed into his boat anyway and went across to the island. On the island were some mean crocodiles who tried to eat me! I fearlessly battled them but they never gave up. I had to climb a tall tree to escape.

But then I was stuck up the tree.

I had to call Freya over to get me down. It is so lucky that she has wings. When she had got me down safely and away from the mean crocodiles, she asked me to help with a presentation. She had decided to put on a show to all of the Playmobil people about our travelling and adventures. I thought it was a great idea and we went to the talks area. Lots of people came to watch and it was great to see everyone was so interested in us. We got a big applause at the end.

Then it was time for us to make a quick exit from the zoo. The small guest had arrived!

I loved my visit to the zoo, and I feel great about saving some peoples lives.  B)

Bye for now.
Little Teddy Bear


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