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A Friends House, England - 2nd May 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello there mum!

Today we baked some cakes at hostmum's friend's house. We firstly looked at the recipe for three-colour sponge and got out all of the ingredients. And then the fun began!

I mixed together sugar and butter in a big bowl and then weighed out the flour. I was very careful with the flour so as I did not fall in and bet all covered in dust like a ghost! Once the mixture was done, we separated it into three bowls so we could add the flavours to make them different colours. I added cocoa to mine which made it brown and chocolatey. The other two had vanilla and raspberry in them. We put the mixes into three tins and hostmum popped them into the oven.

We set about making some more cakes. This time they were fairy cakes with cherries and coconut. I browsed the recipe and let Freya do the mixing as I mixed the other cake. Meanwhile I was putting the little cake cases into trays. Somehow, (I have absolutely no clue how it got there), one of the cases made it onto my head and made a very good hat for me! I think it suited me rather well but hostmum made me take it off so I could put mixture into it. I suppose a cake is better than a paper hat.

These cakes went into the oven and soon after, the first cakes were done cooking. We tipped them out and stuck the layers together with jam. My paws got a little sticky but hostmum helped me wash them. I finished the cake off with a dash of icing sugar and by the time I was done, the other cakes were ready!

Look at the lovely cakes we made! All that baking had created a lot of washing up. We let hostmum and her friend do that part.  ;)

Little. T.B.


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