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Find someone who can sew, stitch, knit... a item of clothing for me (sweater, vest, pants...)

Find someone who can sew, stitch, knit... accessories for me (hat, scarf, bag...)

Meet at least 10 other TVís in 10 different places and play a fun game with them. 1/10

Have fun/play in the snow and build a snowman (or so)

Have fun/play in the sand and build a castle (or so)

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Sneakysnails House, England - 23rd April 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello mum!

Today was a sad day. We had to say goodbye to Nathalie, she is going home. Before she left we posed for a commemorative photo. Three great friends!

We all had a big hug before she hopped into her envelope and we waved goodbye. As hostmum took her to the post office, I had a tear in my eye, Nathalie was such a good friend here. Hopefully I will meet her again someday.

Little T.B.


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