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Find someone who can sew, stitch, knit... a item of clothing for me (sweater, vest, pants...)

Find someone who can sew, stitch, knit... accessories for me (hat, scarf, bag...)

Meet at least 10 other TVís in 10 different places and play a fun game with them. 1/10

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Have fun/play in the sand and build a castle (or so)

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Sneakysnails house, England - 20th April 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi mum.

Do you remember the other day I helped hostmum clean and she promised us a treat? Well today we got our treat! It is Easter sunday and so hostmum set up an easter egg hunt around her house. There were eight small eggs and one giant one to find and I began by searching the sofa. Soon enough, hidden behind a blanket, I found my first egg! A blue one with a cola sweet inside!

Then I continued searching and moved to the coffee table. There are many candles and holders on this table (plus one scary one) and amongst them an egg was hiding! Inside was another cola sweet which I gladly ate before continuing my search. I ended up in the kitchen. Looking around I saw something shiny inside a mug and climbed up the cup rack to get a closer look. After some clever investigating (and careful jumping) I got myself another egg. Inside this one was an egg shaped sweet. I stopped briefly to laugh at that. Over my laughing I could here Nathalie shouting for us to go to her. I went immediately in case she needed a brave hero to rescue her.

She did not need rescuing for she had found the giant egg hidden in a plant pot! We got it out, opened it up and enjoyed our treats from inside. After all that egg hunting I was tired and took a nap. I dreamt about being a brave prince... :rolleyes:

Little T.B.


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