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Highams Lake, England - 17th April 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi there.

Today we went for a walk in the forest near hostmums house. It is looking extra green at the moment because of the new spring leaves. In the forest I saw a couple of patches of flowers. There were some lovely bluebells and we went to sit amongst them. Hostmum tells us that they are becoming rarer here and we are lucky to see some today. There were also some white flowers. They seemed very similar to the bluebells and hostmum called them white-bells. She's not sure of their real name though.

A nice surprise was hidden in the forest. A swing! Someone has made it from rope and a bendy log. It hangs from a large tree and we went to play on it. Hostmum had a go too! Once we were done playing, we walked on. I spotted a tree with a nook in its trunk and went to investigate. It made a nice sitting place.

Then we moved on until we reached Highams lake. There is a nice path around the lake but we didn't take that route today. In front of the lake was a rounded tree with long branches. I hopped into it and soon the others followed me. From this high branch, we saw a sign and went to peek at it.

On the sign was a lot of writing and history. I read about the Scots Pine tree. I looked around me and I think I saw a couple in the forest.

On the way back, we came to a blockage in our path. A giant tree branch had fallen and blocked the way. At first I thought it was a whole tree it was so big! We climbed onto it so you'd have a guide to how big it was. Can you see me on the branch?

Later on I found the bottom half of a snapped tree. It seems lots of trees fell during the wind and storms earlier this year.

Soon I came to a spikey holly bush and climbed onto it very carefully. I did not want a prickle in my bottom and so I was very still and asked hostmum for a hand down.

As we neared home we came to two little houses in the middle of the forest. They were very nice and hostmum wishes she lived there.

We soon started to get tired and had to rest on a mossy log. There were a couple of hills and then we were home again. What a nice, refreshing walk that was.

Yours Little. T. B.


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