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Sneakysnails House, England - 10th April 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi mum.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I didn't realise how long it had been!

Today hostmum had lots of jobs to do around the house and so I  helped her get them all done. First, I had to prepare some cleaning things and soapy water for her. This job was too messy for Nathalie and me so we went off and did some vacuuming. I was in charge of the nozzle and had to gather up the bits from on the rug. When we'd finished hostmum congratulated us on how tidy it looked, she said we did it better than her! I wasn't too enthusiastic when she said we could do it all the time for her!

Cleaning the table was next and I rubbed the polish into the wood. It smelt really nice and when I was done, the table was all shiny and slippery. (good fun to slide around on!) After I was done playing on the nice shiny table I popped outside to find hostmum doing some gardening. In her vegetable patch she gets lots of tiny weeds that grow every day. I offered to help her pull them up and she found me a fork. Look at how many naughty weeds I pulled!

Hostmum was impressed with our cleaning and she promises there will be a nice treat for us in the next week or so! I'm looking forward to it.

Little T.B. :D


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