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Find someone who can sew, stitch, knit... a item of clothing for me (sweater, vest, pants...)

Find someone who can sew, stitch, knit... accessories for me (hat, scarf, bag...)

Meet at least 10 other TVís in 10 different places and play a fun game with them. 1/10

Have fun/play in the snow and build a snowman (or so)

Have fun/play in the sand and build a castle (or so)

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Sneakysnail's house, England - 30th March 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello Mum,

Today is mothers day and it makes me a little sad that I am not with my mummy. I still wish you the best Mothers Day ever! Although, I know it could never be the best mothers day without me!...  :rolleyes:

I made you an e-card type thingy with hostmum. She took my photo and let me decorate it on the computer. I hope you like it!

Nathalie and me also worked hard making a card for hostmum. I gathered pink and purple card (very mothers day-ish) and cut some flowers out. Then I stuck them to the card and wrote the greeting.

When we gave it to hostmum she was very surprised and put it straight up on the shelf. Unfortunately we couldn't take a photo because she was too fast!

Glad she liked it! Hope you enjoyed mothers day.
Love Little T.B.


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