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The Wilderness, England - 17th March 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi mum,

These last couple of days I've had great fun. Yesterday hostmum set us off on an adventure in her garden. She gave us a tent, some food supplies, matches and a campfire and two blankets. She said that is all we would need for a night in the wild and that she would collect us in the morning. So, we went camping!!

After we found a good spot, we put up the rather complicated tent. It took us a while to put it up and once it was finally done, we hopped in and tested it for comfort.

Next it was time for food. I was ravenously hungry and tucked into the yummy treats hostmum had laid out. The plate was great for camping too! As we were eating, a large lion approached us! That is what happens when you camp in the wilderness. It soon settled down to sleep in the sun and we were able to eat, play and chat without fear of being eaten. Everyone put me in charge of keeping the food safe from predators and I kept lookout. I watched out for interesting creatures from the wild but no zebras or bears ever came by. During my time as food guard, I got hungry and ate quite a bit. The others were annoyed because I'd eaten most of our food.

As night came we settled by the camp fir and told stories. Some were spooky stories but others were nice. Of course, I was not scared at all. Brave explorers who face lions do not get frightened by silly stories. It got later and we all got tired and went to bed.

When morning came, I woke up first and did a quick check for lions. None around but the fire had gone out. I was going to light another but it wasn't really cold enough. The sky was a beautiful blue without a cloud in sight and sunshine was beating down on us all.

Time flies when you're having adventures and soon hostmum came to collect us. Sadly our camping trip was over but I told hostmum how much I'd enjoyed it. She said I could maybe go camping again, perhaps on my own. I wasn't too keen on going alone. No, of course I'm not scared, it's just... ... every explorer needs a companion, right? he he...

Bye for now,
your brave explorer Litlle.T.B.  B)


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