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In the garden, England - 28th February 2014

By: sneakysnail


Today we went outside in the nice weather to look for signs of Spring! First we started in hostmums garden where we found some tiny buds on an acer tree. It will gave beautiful leaves when they come out. Next we saw a big tree with white blossom on it. It is a plum tree and when the blossom floats down it looks like snow! Near the blossom tree is hostmums pond and next to it I noticed a frog and a lizard. I went over to say hello, but they were only garden ornaments! Still, I liked them. As we walked back through the garden I saw a yellow flower and sniffed it. No particular smell but still nice!

Then hostmum took us to her friends house. Her friend is a keen gardener and has loads of pretty flowers all over her garden. First we saw daffodils, they are a key symbol that spring is here! Hostmum always looks for the first daffodils of the year. She also looks for crocus flowers, and that's what I found next! These ones were nearly finished flowering but still had a little life left in them. Then we went to see a cluster of violets creeping across the ground. And then some pretty pansies. Hostmum loves pansies and so do I now! Just as we were heading back inside, I noticed a small pink flower in a wall basket. We went to have a look but hostmum did not know what it was called.

Back inside, we met some new toys! They belong to hostmums friend and do not travel like us. The one in the t-shirt is Mike and the other meerkat is George. The chimp is simply called Chimp! They enjoyed listening to us tell them about our travels until we had to go home.

Spring has sprung here in England!
Little. T.B.


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